Monday, December 22, 2008

(Halo2, Earth, Private Peter Larkhill) 

Re: “Hey babe! DON'T WORRY! I'm OK!"

The hell you mean “I'm OK”?! Birdies say your battalion got hit bad. The hell were you doing out in Kapetown anyway!? That place is a damn nuke site! And I don't buy that “classified” bullshit, I think I know what you guys were up to...

Speaking of which, I saw a Spartan today. He looked awesome alright, but I swear right here and now, I am NOT going anywhere near one of them again. 


Seriously! I was really thinking things are going to look up now. Having a walking tank with us. But having one around is like a damn bullseye on our backs. He led us from ambush to ambush! We were supposed to be LOW KEY! But he got at LEAST 4 platoons on us. 
The guy can't really drive either. Ran over Peterson, and blames us for being crummy drivers. Also, the bastard weighs half a ton! I had to lean WAY out of the passenger side to keep the car from turning over! 
Oh and Super-Special-Forces training my ass. The guy blindly ran around the corner right into a brute patrol... not nice. Brass blamed us in the loss of a “valuable asset”, they having me on weapon maintenance duty now. The gun-lube smell is never going to go away. I hear Johns got assigned to KP duty, Gallahan... I don't wanna talk about her, it hurts even to think about it.

But yeah that's about it. How are you? Really. 


(The “obligatory” Halo themed marine Email) 

PromethiusNet.... Connecting....

Connection Established!

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000168 EndHTML:0000001811 StartFragment:0000000487 EndFragment:0000001794

So ok, I'm here! Woot.... or something. So, why are you here, staring at this first empty post of epic... emptiness. 

So I'll cut to the chase. This is my little creative experiment. I sorta like writing and I have been RolePlay deficient lately so I am going to be making in-character diary entries and scenes of an assortment of computer game characters you generally don't think about. 

Does your sidekick in GRAW have mortgage problems? Do you also get dental? Did you know that YOU, the players, are completely not liked by your subordinates in C&C? 

And considering this an experiment! The "update schedule" is going to be... inconcistent. So, hang on to your seats and put on your sparkly glasses for this is gonna be a pumpy ride! 

*sprinkles fairy dust (read: powdered beef jerky) around* 

Connection Lost.