Monday, December 22, 2008

PromethiusNet.... Connecting....

Connection Established!

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So ok, I'm here! Woot.... or something. So, why are you here, staring at this first empty post of epic... emptiness. 

So I'll cut to the chase. This is my little creative experiment. I sorta like writing and I have been RolePlay deficient lately so I am going to be making in-character diary entries and scenes of an assortment of computer game characters you generally don't think about. 

Does your sidekick in GRAW have mortgage problems? Do you also get dental? Did you know that YOU, the players, are completely not liked by your subordinates in C&C? 

And considering this an experiment! The "update schedule" is going to be... inconcistent. So, hang on to your seats and put on your sparkly glasses for this is gonna be a pumpy ride! 

*sprinkles fairy dust (read: powdered beef jerky) around* 

Connection Lost.